The Macro Coach


- What some of our clients had to say

“I have been Vikki’s client for 5months now and could not recommend her more. When I started with Vikki, I was the client who wanted to ‘tone up’. Between exercise and Vikki’s nutritional advice, the change I have seen in my body aesthetically has been incredible. I have dropped a dress size and my body confidence has grown. I, again, was one of the clients that didn’t think this could be done on high calories. However once Vikki explained to me that the body loves consistency, I trusted the process and the results came.

Before Vikki, I was always trying to make the right decisions nutritionally and was putting in effort into my body composition. However, sometimes I would feel a bit frustrated because I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted for the effort I felt I was putting in. Then it was like Vikki unlocked the secret to success for me! She showed me where I don’t need to put in effort (trying to restrict too much) and where I did need to put in effort (staying consistent – even at weekends). As I said, I had been putting in effort anyways but now I’m seeing the results I want with this effort. With this knowledge that she gives you, the feeling of guilt after a big night out/big weekend is eliminated. I now know what I have to do the day/week after and it involves no restrictions. That mental freedom alone makes Vikki’s programme 100% worthwhile.

I have reached my goal with Vikki yet I continue to work with her to help me continue implementing these habits which will eventually (and already have) become my lifestyle. She is an extremely compassionate coach and I enjoy chatting to her each week. Vikki makes the check-ins feel like a catch-up and gives support for the week ahead. Signing up with Vikki has been one the greatest investments I could’ve made for myself!”

- Louise Morgan

““ I have been working with Vikki now for over 7 months and I will continue to be for a long time. Vikki always goes above and beyond in the feedback I receive each week as she goes through everything I say in my check-in with a fine-tooth comb. The food is always super tasty, and she is constantly adding plan friendly meal recipes for us to try, which in return removes the need for an off plan meal. Vikki has offered me advice in other areas also such as training, stress management and sleep. There is not copy and paste plans here, everything is tailored to your specific needs. I would recommend Vikki to absolutely everyone, she really is a super human! “

- Adam Hassett

“From our first phone call, Vikki was nothing but supportive! She helped me transition from a low calorie/high cardio diet with ease. I was killing myself and I was not getting the results. Since signing up with Vikki, I have dropped weight religiously each week - slow and steady as Vikki says! I am down a whopping 10kg since Christmas and I don't even feel like I was on a diet. Vikki worked the meal plans around my lifestyle and my social events. I was able to go out with friends without feeling guilty for the first time ever! Vikki also helped me transition over to IIFYM, something I thought I would never be able for! She really gives you all the tools you need to achieve the lifestyle you want! I highly recommend Vikki, she is so supportive, encouraging and is always there to give you the advice you need! it's a decision you will not regret!”

- Samantha Barry

“Vikki by far the best coach ive ever had. She has fantastic knowledge about nutrition and coaching. She is also so nice, caring funny and approachable and can ask her anything or tell her anything and will guide you through the hiccup’s you have along the way. She is realistic about plans and your weight loss journey and is all about lifestyle changes rather than quick results and the number on the scale which I have now learned isn’t the be all and end all. Joining with Vikki and the macro coach family is by far the best decision I have ever made for me and my health. And an extra bonus is the Vikki voice-notes.”

- Laura Collins

“What can I say about Vikki Cronin. I think the fact that I am coming up to my 1 year anniversary working with her says it all. Vikki has helped me through many phases of my journey in a year, from cutting and a photoshoot prep, to reverse dieting and healing a broken relationship with food, to progressing to a strengthening phase and building muscle (something I never thought I would do), this woman is there for whatever you need. She has become a woman that I place a whole lot of my trust in. ”

- Aoife Foyle

“I started working with Vikki in the summer of 2021. It was hands down, the best choice I made that year. I started initially just to get some shape back in my diet as due to a back issue I was not as active and from there I went into a 12-week photoshoot prep with her. Something totally out of my comfort zone but in safe hands with Vikki. With Vikki’s plans, I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. My food was not restricted, and I became more informed when reading food labels and using myfitness pal. I was also able to work with Vikki on exercises that worked for me... She has the most amazing recipes, and the support groups are great as well to keep you on board. Vikki’s plans stop you from thinking and being consumed about weight loss and begin thinking that you are learning to change your life. I have developed lifestyle changes that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Vikki is a superwoman and really cares about her clients and I am grateful to have worked with her and continue to work with her."

- Zara Dwane

“I find the service, second to none, its 100%. I have learned so much from Vikki already. Vikki has the wonderful ability to inspire and motivate us through all kinds of life situations that we are encountering on a daily basis, and still somehow help keep us on track to achieve our goals with our health. Her programme is very straight forward, and her tips on food choices, recipes and all advice in general is excellent. I couldn’t have asked for more, to be honest. I will definitely be recommending you.”

- Annemarie Peck

“Vikki has changed my life, not only physically but mentally! I was at a low point in my life, I was trying everything to lose weight, even going to extreme measures and she showed me the right way! She is an amazing coach, goes out of her way to mind you and make sure you reach your goals! I would 100% recommended her!! "

- Emma Power

“I have been with Vikki now for over a year, My initial goal wasn’t so much to lose weight but to tone up. However after seeing what I have achieved through Vikki’s coaching has only encouraged me to continue to be stronger. I am a vegan, and when many people see the word vegan on food labels, they assume it must be super healthy – wrong. Vikki has taught look at the ingredients list and the nutrition information to see how much fat, sugar etc is present to maintain a balanced diet each day. I started with a tailored plan from Vikki until I was able to work out my own meal plans. She has helped me make the connection between a healthy lifestyle, making healthy choices with no limitations to feel stronger and more energetic every day. I was amazed on how much food I could eat and have never felt hungry. Her passion for health, reasoning to spot strengths and weaknesses and helping others along with her knowledge on nutritional science to offer excellent food guidance is second to none. I would highly recommend her.”

- Carol O’Shea

“Working with Vikki has been more efficient than doing years of fad diets combined. I tried every franchise diet program on the market. I would do great for a month and then fall off the wagon! Although the process is slower, it's far more sustainable for me. Vikki has given me the tools and the knowledge to eat without restrictions, while maintaining a balanced and Nutritious diet. Nutrition aside, Vikki zones in on other areas that are massive contributions to weight loss, things that people tend to forget about. Areas such as sleep, your cycle and your social life. Vikki's constructive coaching is changing my body and lifestyle for the better!"

- Maeve Hickey