From our first phone call, Vikki was nothing but supportive! She helped me transition from a low calorie/high cardio diet with ease. I was killing myself and I was not getting the results. Since signing up with Vikki, I have dropped weight religiously each week - slow and steady as Vikki says! I am down a whopping 10kg since Christmas and I don't even feel like I was on a diet. Vikki worked the meal plans around my lifestyle and my social events. I was able to go out with friends without feeling guilty for the first time ever!

Vikki also helped me transition over to IIFYM, something I thought I would never be able for! She really gives you all the tools you need to achieve the lifestyle you want! I highly recommend Vikki, she is so supportive, encouraging and is always there to give you the advice you need! it's a decision you will not regret!

Samantha Barry

My 12 week photo shoot prep was an experience I'll never forget. Before I began, I had my doubts like, have I got what it takes to do this? It seemed like such a big commitment! But working with The Macro made it a lot less daunting. They tailor made my nutrition plan for my every need, so I was able to enjoy my meals everyday without stress. Their training plan is second to none. It was tough don't get me wrong but they were always there to reassure me when I needed to keep the end goal in sight. These coaches are at the top of their game, and I will definitely be back for my first comp prep.


So what can I say but wow amazing coaches!! I have been with the macrocoach for over a year and it was the best thing I did, it was all about me loosing the weight I gained, the other part was for me to get a better relationship with my food and Vikki was amazing at this helping me, supporting me when I had bad days. She was always on the other side of the phone she got me understood what I needed I have had such a good experience with these guys that I decided to challenge myself to another different style photo shoot and this time Mike looked after me and again nothing but support from him too, he was there when I needed to vent and he put me straight back on the right path, the training programme I received was tough but really good and I got really good results from it! The food was easy to follow with Vikki and Mike they understood me and worked with me when I needed a change, I wouldn't be where I am mentally and physically and now with my food and my training if I didn't have them by my side and for that I'm forever grateful, I would highly recommend them as coaches if your looking for a coach to achieve your goals they are the team your looking for!!!

Through frustration of constant dieting I started my nutrition journey with Vikki back in June 2018 . Vikki helped me clean up my food by making little changes. The meal plans were tailored to suit my preferences and I am really enjoying my food. To date I have lost 4kg but for me it was about changing a mindset and incorporating all food types that I enjoyed eating while ensuring there was a balance. Vikki is an amazing coach, always supportive and encouraging. The scales does not define us it’s mind over matter, be you and believe in you

I am just completing 6 week tailored nutrition plan with Vikki and can honestly say i would have no hesitation in recommending the Macro Coach. Vikki made it very easy to complete the 6 six and we've already discussed further plans.

Vikki is very honest from the outset...this is no quick fix which is refreshing to know! Food plans are tailored to suit your taste and absolutely achievable! Don't get me wrong personal determination and commitment is required but Vikki is always quick to respond to any queries or there on a day when it's a struggle.

Im looking forward to seeing what can be achieved over the coming months.


I have never tried to have any kind of a coach in life, but I felt at the time my nutrition needed guidance and structure. I am a very fussy eater so I myself figured it would be extremely hard to get someone who would cater for me without making a fuss. I came on board with Vikki and it has genuinely been the most enjoyable experience. She has tailored and catered for me in every way possible, and has made me feel so comfortable with the process. I have undergone changes that I am confident will stick with me for life. It is not just the professionalism and knowledge that sets Vikki on another level, but it is who she is a human being. One of the highlights of my week is getting feedback via voice notes on my check ins, and you can just feel the enthusiasm and energy coming through the phone. It is her genuine interest in you that makes it worthwhile, you know you are getting the very best. I have never met Vikki in person but I feel like we are the best of friends from the bond that is created with Vikki being my coach. To sum up my experience and plan with Vikki in 3 words, it would be: I LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT!

I approached Mike when I felt like my training wasn’t going anywhere, hit a plateau in my training, was losing interest and lacked a lot of motivation, really I was just going to the gym for the sake of it. After having a detailed chat with Mike I decided to undergo a 10 week nutrition and training program, motivation went from 0 to 100 and training started to be enjoyable again. I did one personal training session a week with Mike and he was able to break down everything so well into terms I could understand, in the days I needed a pick me up I was able to text Mike and he’d be able to bring my motivation levels back up, the 10 weeks was a success and a photo shoot completed. Confidence and motivation at an all time high, training is still as consistent as ever and it even motivated me to become a personal trainer myself in the meantime, couldn’t thank Mike enough for how he flipped my life around, couldn’t ask for a better trainer.

I started training with Mike about a year ago and while it was probably the most nerve wrecking thing I’ve ever done, it was also the best. When I started I was so unfit and had no energy but now I am a different person, my sleep and mood are so much better. I actually enjoy healthy food now and kinda miss it when I haven’t stayed on plan for a few days. Also, working out has become something I can’t live without! No matter how bad you feel going into a workout, you’ll always feel amazing when you come out. Mike is truly amazing at what he does, the plans are easy to follow and the workouts are actually fun! Even though there are times I’m not his biggest fan, I really couldn’t have done it without his help

I have been training for years and have done a lot of different diets. Always been pretty focused on an end goal like a photo shoot and once I complete that its like I’m done for a while. For the last two years I didn’t train or diet once, I was consumed by partying, shit food and shit sleep. I hoped that someday the motivation would come back to me and I could get back to where i was. That's where Vikki came in. I got out of Rehab in May of this year and got straight into it and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been the best I’ve ever experienced. Starting again from scratch. Training and diet so easy to stick to and prep, if I ever needed anything changed or swapped it was just a text away with Vikki. I had refeeds and cheat meals when I wanted and rest days when I felt they were needed and now in such a short space of time I’m back to where I was physically and more importantly mentally. I cannot thank Vikki enough for the guidance and support “We all fall, What’s important is to pick yourself back up

I have been with Vikki doing the IIFYM (Flexible dieting online coaching programme for 40 weeks.When I started I set a goal to lose 2 stone. Now, I'm within 4lbs of that goal. And I might set a new one after that!

To put this in context, I am a 57 year old woman who has a long commute to work, and a sedentary job. I never thought in a million years, at my stage in life, I would shift any noticeable amount of weight, and that any attempt would be so restrictive and painful that it would just not be worth it. And then I tripped over Vikki, on instagram and I thought this might be the woman for me, the methodology for me. The word "Flexible" stood out in bright lights.

As well as a job and a family, I have a few hobbies – trad music, currach rowing and crossfit. So eating habits need to be flexible enough to fit around all of that! I had initial reservations about being coached online... it's always nice to meet people face to face.
But Vikki's introduction to the programme, the easy to read booklets, the fact that she's easy to contact with any queries, she's easy to talk to, made the initial process all so very easy.

I love the IIFYM programme.
I can have my cake and eat it, so long as I count it, and it falls within my cals and macros ranges (which Vikki has kindly provided me with). The flexibility suits me well.

As well as watching what I eat, Vikki has also encouraged me to adopt good habits:
· I drink water – I never really did that before.
· I try to get more sleep – that's a work in progress, but at least it's on my radar.
· I look at the "non-scale" wins – my fitness has improved, my mobility has improved, my clothes fit better, I'm happier and more content. My strength and energy has not diminished. Quite the reverse in fact.

One of the most important things I have learnt from Vikki is that on the occasions when I overconsume I just get right back on track. My one bad meal or one bad day is just that.... One! It does not roll into several bad days or weeks. I don't feel guilty any more about one bad meal, one bad day. I just get back to normal the next day. That has been a game changer for me.

Vikki is always there.
I love the weekly check-ins and feedback. I love the support Vikki gives me.
She gives encouragement and praise for when things are going well.
She gives support, ideas, encouragement and a bit of straight-talking for when things are going not so well. It definitely helps to have somebody in my corner, that I can rely on to help me through the times when I'm just not so enthused. For that's life!

My weight loss has been slow and steady, and that suits me too.
This is not just a short term programme, this is a way of life. It's doable and sustainable.
Everything I have achieved in these 40 weeks is down to Vikki and this successful programme.

I could not have done this alone.

Thank you! thank you! thank you!


I came crying (literally) to Vikki begging for her to (A) Figure out my crappy body that was stuck at 60kg no matter what macros I tried. Making weight for power lifting comps was the death of me and everyone around me, all I wanted was to be 57kg ish all year round not just the morning of a weigh in, sleeping in a plastic bag the night before nationals to make weight was the light bulb moment for me.

(B) Figure out what macros suited MY body type, I was a strong believer carbs can’t be the devil for everyone and refused to live my life without cake. I had a good enough understanding of macros but didn’t know what ratio suited me personally. Enters The Macro Coach.

(C) The most important of the three, NOT lose ANY strength as I want to compete again someday when my body has healed! So to get A and B we had to loose the weight for the comp, it was a case of trial and error with high fats/proteins and carb (a frustrating process but had to be done) thank the baby Jesus CARBS won, she had cracked my code. She only went and did it. She cracked the code. So I competed at the lightest ever and happiest ever, check. Then after comp Vikki suggested a LEAN (not just eating cake and using a bulk as an excuse) bulk. Sorry what? Knowingly eat to GAIN weight? Are you insane says I? Yes says she! Okay says I!! So that was a challenge mentally but, here, eating all the foods was not gonna be a prob for me, check. Then we decided to go and get lean, that was the fun part, changed from powerlifting to bodybuilding, changed gyms, changed from training at 6pm to 6am, all for the cause, but Christ it’s been sooooo much fun and possibly the making of me as cheesy as that sounds. I said to Vikki numerous times “I can’t believe how easy this is”. I ate all around me for the entire time, ate out ALOT; ate ALL the cake and got lean, friggin check. Vikki helped me to get my life back (literally) and I can never thank her enough for that, like ever!!!! 9 months ago I only knew how to cook bland food and considered a square of chocolate a treat, now I consider myself quite the little chef, I also now bake like once a week, baking from scratch means you know exactly what goes into it, and you can have MORE of the good shit👏 Vikki was never more than an hour txting me back no matter how stupid or annoying my questions were. She knew it all, and if she didn’t (which was maybe twice) she asked a “friend”, keeping my strength was so important to me, she understood that and didn’t take any chances with it, so she got her facts straight before ever changing anything. Thanks to her we have proven ALOT of people wrong, you CAN get lean and keep strength, possibly get even stronger. Sooooo many people just said “nahhhh not possible” when I asked for help or even suggested my theory of leaning out but with Vikki, she just said “anything’s possible girl” That’s the kinda person everyone needs in their life! So Vikki Cronin…… THANK YOU ❤

Started with Mike just before everything went into lockdown and it was a blessing in disguise. Originally, I just wanted to drop a few pounds over a couple of months as I had always been training but my nutrition wasn’t 100% and really needed to be tidied up. Mike made this very easy as his simple approach to nutrition kept me focused and in a good routine during the time I was out of work.
The plan was simple to follow and the food consisted of everything I liked to eat. Mike’s support through out was fantastic, offering small changes to the plan when and where he thought it was necessary.
Check in never felt like it was a daunting task. Mike was always quick to reply with messages full of encouragement and advice. Changes to my plan were always discussed with me before anything was ever implemented which helped me to structure my own day accordingly.
The results would turn out to speak for themselves, I was delighted to have dropped so much body fat while maintaining so much muscle tissue. Mike ensured that I stayed looking full while feeling full (more importantly). I was so happy with my progress that I went straight into a lean gain phase with Mike and I haven’t looked back since.
I would highly recommend Mike for his knowledge, simplistic approach, encouragement and communication towards his clients, and overall being a fantastic trainer.

Ronan Cunningham

Starting coaching with mike is probably the best thing I’ve done. Helped me develop confidence and routine that I never thought I could achieve. Week in and out mike was there to help me with anything I requested, if I was having a bad week mike would always reassure me that “everyone has a bad week” and “we will get back to it now this week”. Even these little words of motivation helped with keeping me going when times were tough.
Even over the dreaded pandemic mike was still available to help me through it at a minutes notice. This dedication from mike is what helped drive me to achieve my goals. The food was always easy aswell if I ever had anything coming up he would be understanding and tell me “don’t worry enjoy yourself, we can sort it out on the days after”. Mike ensured that I never felt bad about eating and that i enjoyed the process and never gave up.
Without mike I’d never be where I am now. I cannot wait to see what the future holds with mike helping me grow and learn.

Kevin Coady

I joined with mike well over a year ago, all I wanted was to drop some body fat and get into better shape. We completed that and much more. My love for the sport and nutrition grew as he has thought me so much about it and how to fuel my body and now I want to take it to the next level. We have achieved so much in the last 14 months. 24/7 he is only a text away. I couldn’t recommend him any more as a coach. I can’t thank him enough for the service he brings day in day out. I have found a coach and a friend for life and we are only at the beginning of this fitness journey!

Aoife Roche

I came to Mike wanting a bit of guidance & accountability with my food but I got more than what I bargained for because this guy was unbelievably supportive & approachable! I wasn’t happy with where I was health wise & this was a lot to do with carrying too much body fat and in turn I wasn’t happy at all with how I looked. We decided on a 1 x PT session a week & 4 weeks of food plans with weekly check ins. My meal plan was tailored to my goals, food likes and dislikes (I think I said chocolate about 8 times when we chatted first) l loved and still look forward to my PT sessions so much. Mike knows what I am capable of more than I do which always has me buzzing for the next session! I saw a difference after the first week and even though I didn’t really believe it, it was hard not to believe it after the 4 weeks from the check in pics! So delighted I decided to get in contact with Mike, couldn’t have asked for better, his help in the PTs have made a huge difference to my own training and all round the 4 weeks made a huge difference to me for the better, so much so that I’m now into my second block of 4 weeks! Highly recommend Mike for anyone looking to achieve a health/fitness goal he’s extremely knowledgeable, supportive and an all round gent.

Tanya Brady

I am currently on a weight loss plan. Since day of the plan Mikes support has been out of this world! The constant check ups, encouragement, determination and most important the interest he shows is amazing. It seems he puts as much interest into my plan as he does for his own. I needed advice on my nutrition and Mike provided me with a structured meal plan for my needs and altered it when needed for my best interest. One thing I Learned from Mike is that anyone can do it if you put your mind to it and put in the effort, Doesn’t matter what Job you are in or what Hours you work. Mike is always there week in week out and I can’t thank him enough. He has changed me for the good, From my fitness levels, Nutrition knowledge to my mental mindset. I wasn’t alone on my good weeks and bad weeks Mike was on the journey with me to pick me up when I needed it and give me a kick up the ass. I will never be able to thank Mike Enough!

David Raleigh