We offer both IIFYM (flexible dieting) coaching and Tailored Meal plans. Both options can also be purchased with training plans tailored to your fitness levels (gym or home based programs).

With IIFYM plans we coach you on how to track your food and macro nutrients using apps such as MyFitnessPal. We will tell you your calories and macros for each day and it’s up to you to then plan your own food based on these. You will receive a PDF guide explaining how to do this if you sign up for this option.

Our tailored meal plans are exactly just that. They are 100% tailored to food you like and enjoy. We don’t believe in bland and boring ! We believe in variety and incorporating nice things to eat in your plan which makes it a long term sustainable “diet” plan. We aim for results but not quick fixes and not starvation. Food for fuel and food you like .
A meal plan is a food plan that you follow. It will tell you what to eat each day. This plan is specific to you, your goals, your activity levels and your calorie requirements.

If you haven’t tracked macros and calories before we would recommend that you start with a tailored plan and then after 4-6 weeks possibly move to flexible dieting if you are interested in that method of “dieting”. Weekly check ins and alterations are done with both plans.