“I have been training for years and have done a lot of different diets. Always been pretty focused on an end goal like a photo shoot and once I complete that its like I’m done for a while. For the last two years I didn’t train or diet once, I was consumed by partying, shit food and shit sleep. I hoped that someday the motivation would come back to me and I could get back to where i was. Thats where Vikki came in. I got out of Rehab in May of this year and got straight into it and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been the best I’ve ever experienced. Starting again from scratch. Training and diet so easy to stick to and prep, if I ever needed anything changed or swapped it was just a text away with Vikki. I had refeeds and cheat meals when I wanted and rest days when I felt they were needed and now in such a short space of time I’m back to where I was physically and more importantly mentally. I cannot thank Vikki enough for the guidance and support 😁💪 “We all fall, What’s important is to pick yourself back up” 😉❤ ”