“Where do I even begin… 2019 was a very tough year. Back in February I underwent hip surgery which was not only a physical strain but also a mental one. I’ve always been active and fit and going from 4 days a week training to barely been able to walk for weeks was very tough. I spent the year undergoing physio and struggling to push myself in the gym and my diet was terrible. Becoming too lazy to even cook. Then I decide it was time to change 2019 and get my ass in gear and end on a high! Set myself a challenge and my god did I 🙈. The last 12 weeks have been tough, and there were loads of times I wanted to give up but Vikki and Mike always gave me the support I needed. Even if it was a don’tt you dare eat that pizza” voice note! 😊. The food was always made to suit me and the training was a killer but was made to suit my lifestyle so I could achieve my goals! And not only did they get me through the 12 weeks, they 100% had my back on the day of the shoot! I was terrified and there was absolutely no way I could have done it without them! They helped me every step of the way and helped me achieve my goals! Bring on the next one because guys I will be coming back. 🏋️‍♀️💪💜😘”