“I approached Mike when I felt like my training wasn’t going anywhere, hit a plateau in my training, was losing interest and lacked a lot of motivation, really I was just going to the gym for the sake of it. After having a detailed chat with Mike I decided to undergo a 10 week nutrition and training program, motivation went from 0 to 100 and training started to be enjoyable again. I did one personal training session a week with Mike and he was able to break down everything so well into terms I could understand, in the days I needed a pick me up I was able to text Mike and he’d be able to bring my motivation levels back up, the 10 weeks was a success and a photo shoot completed. Confidence and motivation at an all time high, training is still as consistent as ever and it even motivated me to become a personal trainer myself in the meantime, couldn’t thank Mike enough for how he flipped my life around, couldn’t ask for a better trainer.”