“I came crying (literally) to Vikki begging for her to (A) Figure out my crappy body that was stuck at 60kg no matter what macros I tried. Making weight for power lifting comps was the death of me and everyone around me, all I wanted was to be 57kg ish all year round not just the morning of a weigh in, sleeping in a plastic bag the night before nationals to make weight was the light bulb moment for me. (B) Figure out what macros suited MY body type, I was a strong believer carbs can’t be the devil for everyone and refused to live my life without cake. I had a good enough understanding of macros but didn’t know what ratio suited me personally. Enters The Macro Coach. (C) The most important of the three, NOT lose ANY strength as I want to compete again someday when my body has healed! So to get A and B we had to loose the weight for the comp, it was a case of trial and error with high fats/proteins and carb (a frustrating process but had to be done) thank the baby Jesus CARBS won, she had cracked my code. She only went and did it. She cracked the code. So I competed at the lightest ever and happiest ever, check. Then after comp Vikki suggested a LEAN (not just eating cake and using a bulk as an excuse) bulk. Sorry what? Knowingly eat to GAIN weight? Are you insane says I? Yes says she! Okay says I!! So that was a challenge mentally but, here, eating all the foods was not gonna be a prob for me, check. Then we decided to go and get lean, that was the fun part, changed from powerlifting to bodybuilding, changed gyms, changed from training at 6pm to 6am, all for the cause, but Christ it’s been sooooo much fun and possibly the making of me as cheesy as that sounds. I said to Vikki numerous times “I can’t believe how easy this is”. I ate all around me for the entire time, ate out ALOT; ate ALL the cake and got lean, friggin check. Vikki helped me to get my life back (literally) and I can never thank her enough for that, like ever!!!! 9 months ago I only knew how to cook bland food and considered a square of chocolate a treat, now I consider myself quite the little chef, I also now bake like once a week, baking from scratch means you know exactly what goes into it, and you can have MORE of the good shit👏 Vikki was never more than an hour txting me back no matter how stupid or annoying my questions were. She knew it all, and if she didn’t (which was maybe twice) she asked a “friend”, keeping my strength was so important to me, she understood that and didn’t take any chances with it, so she got her facts straight before ever changing anything. Thanks to her we have proven ALOT of people wrong, you CAN get lean and keep strength, possibly get even stronger. Sooooo many people just said “nahhhh not possible” when I asked for help or even suggested my theory of leaning out but with Vikki, she just said “anything’s possible girl” That’s the kinda person everyone needs in their life! So Vikki Cronin…… THANK YOU ❤”